Time and date measurement

Each month is measured by a new moon. Yuan Zhong has more than ten thousand moons, however there is only 1 major Moon which dwarfs all others and rotates around the equator. All empires uses this as a system to measure the dates from the 10th era onward.

Era – 1,000 years.

Years are measured according to 1 oscillation, which represents 20 cycles of the Major moon, the moon’s orbit is not entirely circular but oval and it take 20 cycles to return to its original spot on the orbit. Each cycle represents 1 month.

Depending on where the moon is on its orbit, it may take 20 or 26 days to make 1 month. Each month ranges from a one day under 3 weeks to 2 days under 4 weeks.

Weeks are made of 7 days.

Day and night is measured according to the array of visible suns in the sky as well as moon arrays. Day time is measured by the appearance of the 1st sun till the setting of the last sun. Same goes for night time, with the appearance of designated moons in the night sky till the last one over the horizon.

All day and night time measurements are measured according to equatorial readings and standardized via spatial communications. Each day is 30 hours.

Interval zones are used for time differences. 

Besides the standard time and date, each colony in the numerous solar systems apply their own time and date for local use. Only when interaction or official purpose with the main world will they adhere to the standard time and date.


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