Spatial devices and Grading for all Devices

Spatial transportation, Spatial Transportation Device 
  • Instantaneous transportation across vast distances made possible during the 19th era (refer to Time and Date for definition of an Era) of Yuan Zhong.
  • Thousands of years used to developed the prototype after the 8th era when Ki Crystals became widely used.
  • Does not require a line of sight.
  • Does not require user to have Ki abilities.
  • Requires 2 or more devices, one to broadcast and one to receive, allows two way travel.
  • Multiple outgoing devices are able to converge on a single incoming hub.

Aka Spatial Portal, Spatial dais, personal spatial portal and other similar words.


TD (transportation device)

PTD (Personal Transportation Device)

Spatial Communications, Spatial Communications Device (CD)
  • Form of instantaneous communications.
  • Created a few centuries after spatial transportation.
  • Does not require user to have Ki abilities.
  • Minimal Ki requirement as compared to transportation device.
  • Allows 3 or more devices for multi way communications .
  • Messages appears on a hologram. Top grade devices allows face to face communication over hologram (at the expense of higher grade Ki crystals)

Aka Spatial comm


SCD (spatial communication device)

PCD (personal communication device)

Grades of devices (not limited to these but other devices as well)

Low Grade – LG

Medium Grade – MG

High Grade – HG

Special Grade – SG


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