This is the current races of Yuan Zhong, up to the latest Chapters.

No spoilers on races till they appear 😀 New races will be included once the Chapters catches up to it.

Sha Mo Ren – 沙漠人literal translation people of the desert, the race of the protagonist.

Fan Ren – 凡人literal translation mortals, the main race of people in Yuan Zhong. They are considered the lowest form of beings, however they reproduce at a much exponential rate as compared to others.

Zhu Ru Ren – Dwarfs 

Shan Dong Ren – Literally means cave people,  but they are dwarfs who live in caves.

Nan Han race – Literally translate to South Han, Han people in reality are from China. However if you use the 2nd phonetic of Han, it means South Korean.

Bao Ya Ren – Literally means Panther Teeth people, as the name suggest most of them have feline features. They do not however have protruding teeth. Just imagine Manga catgirls 😀

Moon/Nature Elves – Tied in a 4 way contest for the longest living race, the moon elves have dark complexion and the nature elves are the opposite with very fair complexion.

Ma Shen Ren – Literally means Horse God Race, they are a group of nomadic people who are very versatile on horseback. Their faces and bodies are the same as the Sha Mo Ren.

Feng Shan Ren – Literally means Windy Mountain People, they live in mountainous regions, but are unlike the mountain dwarfs. This race is a generally tall and sleek race.

Yue Ri Ren – Literally means Moon & Sun people, little is know about them, except they are the size of the Fan Ren, however they are also a high rank race and can live longer.

Tai Ping Lei – Race of the Pacifist, as the name suggest this is a pacifist race. Not much is known about them. They are a tall race.


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