Official Schedule for October/November 2015

Hello readers!!!

This will be an estimate schedule for the month of October and up to middle of November 2015.

Just got a new job, and it may be vary, but I should have not much problems releasing 3 Chapters a week.

If due to any unforeseen circumstances I am not able to, I will post on this blog. Be it the reason of health or real life workload.

In the meantime, the tentative release days are Tuesday or Wednesdays, Friday and Sundays.

Which means if I can’t release a chapter on Tuesday, I will do so on Wednesday.

Anyways have a great week and good day!!


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Yippee!! Another one to the collection :D

Heyo Readers!!!

Volume 2 Chapter 15 is out! Fresh from the oven!!

Check out the link in the Table of Content or click below for the direct one!


Enjoy and Cheerios!!

p.s. Found a new job, been really busy, hence not much rants of posts 😦

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Oh wow, I didn’t know


Thanks to an email I received from a friend, I just realized this!!!

Myth: Legend has made it to the top 20 in the “Popular this week” category of Royal Road.

While it is not likely to make it into the Best rated or Top 50 most viewed in a while, I do wanna shout out to you guys/gals at Royal Road for reading and giving it your attention.

THANK YOU Royal Road readers!!!

I do hope that the many chapters to come will be enjoyable for you!!

Cheerios and Thanks!!

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Rant of the day!

They day started awesomely incredible, when the lights went out at 6 in the morning.

The heat only started becoming unbearable 30 mins later, as the morning Sun baked the walls of my apartment and curtains.

By 7 am, I was drenched in perspiration, and hopped into the shower to cool down. The water was shockingly cold and refreshing.

Abracadabra! Light back on at 8:30 am, Yippee!!

Started editing, proofreading and re writing Volume 2 Chapter 12, and guess what?

Yup halfway through, black out!! Right in the middle of my train of thoughts.

It lasted for 3 hours and VIOLA!! Back on again.

Desperately trying to remember where I left off, I immediately started off again.

Not a mere 10 minutes later, blink!! No more power yet another time!!

This time I totally forgot what was in my train of thoughts, and by the time it came back on a mere hour later, I was basically staring at my Chapter, mind totally blank!

But rest assured my readers, it will definitely be out tomorrow!!


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