Misc. terms and effects

Giga / Tera-cities – Cities with 1 billion or more / 1 trillion or more inhabitants respectively.

1 kilogram is 1.65 catty

1 catty is 1.33 pounds

Qi – is the term used in Long’s old world. (Phonetic = chee)

Ki – is exactly the same force used in Long’s old world, but in the new world they pronounced it as Ki (phonetic = key)

1 League – approx. 5.56km / 3.46 miles

Shan Dong Ren – Literally means cave people,  but they are dwarfs who live in caves.

Yuan Zhong – 原中 literally translate to Origin Center, but referring to this world where by widely known its inhabitants as Center of Origin (e.g. Center of the Universe).

Myalithium – fictional material that is harder than adamantium, however much too heavy for practical use besides tools or equipment requiring weight and sturdiness.

Zingmadon – large pan-seared slab of juicy succulent meat from a gigantic creature that look like our real life bison but 10 times bigger. Its name is the Bovmatadon. No relation to the Zinger burger of KFC (all trademarks and copyright reserved by them)

Taters – potato

Chocachic – Blended chocolate ice cream with chocolate chip cookies and butterscotch. Topped with various nuts and jello.


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