Ki Crystals

Ki crystals – discovered around the 5th era (5,000 years). They are crystals containing Ki. Was considered worthless as Ki cultivators couldn’t absorb the Ki, furthermore there was no practical use for it at that time.

Only advances in technology after the 8th era could they be used on various gadgets and contraptions.

Many modern aspects of life currently incorporates some form of Ki crystals in them.

Ranked in order of capacity:-

  • black – lowest
  • dull grey
  • white
  • light brown
  • neon green
  • pink
  • azure
  • light purple
  • scarlet
  • vermillion – highest

The above are the most widely seen and traded crystals. The other hundreds to thousands of different other hues, colors and shades, but these are not as common and some even rare.

Crystals comes standard in spheres and are graded as:-

Lower grade – 2 inches in diameter

Medium grade – 4-5 inches in diameter

Higher grade – 14-15 inches in diameter

Custom grade – non confirming shapes and sizes, still using color ranking.


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