Glossary of Terms

Long – 龙 meaning dragon, the name of the protagonist before he reincarnated.

Chen Zhen Xia – Our main protagonist, meaning hero. Chen is the family name. Zhen Xia meaning righteous hero.

Xiao xxx – in Chinese societies, Xiao (小) is placed main in front of a child or persons name as a form of friendship, kinship or endearment, usually an elder relative or an elder generation will acknowledge their juniors as such.

Brother Hu – The term Brother is commonly used as a form of salutations or respect in Pugilist society. The “Hu” denotes the Chinese character 虎 which means tiger.

Di (di di) –弟弟which means younger brother or a younger male, it is usually use in short as a form of salutation or endearment, for example how the cousin of the protagonist calls him Xia di, meaning Xia younger brother.

Ge (ge ge) –哥哥 which means elder brother or an older male, has the same usage as di di.

Mei (mei mei) – 妹妹 which means younger sister or a younger female, has the same usage as di di and ge ge. Not to be confused with Wanmei, as it uses a different Chinese character.

Jie (jie jie) – 姐姐which means older sister or an older female, has the same usage as mei mei and the others.

(Name) Er – very intimate form of calling either your peer, child or lover. For example Xiaoxia will be called Xia Er by his parents.

Aunty – female relative of parents peers, e.g. Father or Mother’s sister or female cousins.

Uncle – male version similar to the above.


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