Hey once again!

Lots of thanks for coming here!

Glad you have selected the Donation page. I hope your are enjoying my work.

Donations are processed via PayPal. PayPal accepts non account holders as well, all major forms of credit / debit cards can be used.

Please click on this button to proceed to PayPal. For steps please read below.

Donate Now

Steps to donate.

1. Click on the donate button above. You will be brought to the PayPal site.
2. On the PayPal payment site, change the ‘Item Price’ according to how much you want to donate.
3. Click on the ‘Update link’ to save the amount. If you made an error, you can re-enter the amount and update again.
4. Log into your Paypal Account. Or Enter the details of your Credit / Debit Cards and click on the ‘Pay’ button.
5. Follow the steps of authentication for your PayPal account or Credit / Debit Cards.
6. Once you have made payment, you can return to the site by clicking ‘Back to Merchant’s Site’ or PayPal will link you back automatically.
7. In the event you change your mind, there is a cancel link on the PayPal page. It should link you back to my site.

😀 😀 😀


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