Chapter 2: Long’s Soul

As night turned into day and days turned into month and months into year and years into decades, the time has finally come for the apocalypse.

In the seclusion area, a bright facula rivaling a small sun appeared, this incandescent spot was Long’s soul.

It is now already in another different plane of existence and within a few moments it was suddenly looking at the galaxy from faraway. Not long after, a tiny burst in the galaxy could be seen, and like a domino, the small burst created a chain reaction. In less than a split second, a huge hyper-nova consuming a quarter of the galaxy formed, what remained where the world had been was a little void the size of a pin prick, its look can be deceiving from a distance, but it was hardly anything but small.

Since every soul is immortal, Long’s soul was no exception. However the difference is Long’s soul was unlike the normal soul which was the result of dying. His was now a soul-deity, the final gift from the Creator.

Even as Long pondered at his own existence, he stretched out his consciousness but could not find others like him, but somehow he knew he wasn’t alone. He could feel a distinct awareness engulfing the whole universe.

Besides the soul being immortal, time was also of little meaning to it. If he wanted he could dilate or contract time as he wished, with the only restrictions imposed by the Creator being that he could only move forward in time and not back.

Hence from his vantage point, he observed many wonders and mysteries in the galaxy. It helped broaden his knowledge immensely. He saw numerous habitable worlds in the galaxy and found many of them had primitive beings which had not started to cultivate Qi.

He was in no hurry to be reborn and he decided to find at least one world with an equal development to his old world before it was worth considering to reincarnate there.

As he observed, he contracted time and hundreds of millions of years flew pass. The vacuum that was just a pin prick had now formed into a massive black hole that has gathered more stars towards it. A few twirls were beginning to form as it pulled the stars and gases, an obvious division between it and the galaxy it was in began to emerge.

Long was looking at the inconceivable birth of a new galaxy. Even as he observed at the new energies clashing between the zones of separation from the new and old galaxy, he marveled at the infinite amount of Qi being released, it was dense beyond comprehension.

It was said during the peak of Long’s old world, the Qi was so dense you could drink it like water, in comparison this Qi that appeared could be compared to the density of a neutron star.

Hundreds of millions of years turned into a billion years, soon two distinct galaxies could be seen. If the formation of these new galaxies amazed him, it paled in comparison to what he saw at the outer edges of the infant galaxy. There was a hyper-planet already formed. The immense amount of Qi pulsating from this new world was astronomical, it even radiated across the infant galaxy and encompassed the parent galaxy, and it even stretched way beyond into the stars.

This new world was a million times bigger than his old world. Its circumference was a trillion leagues. This world was stationary and not revolving as had his old world and any other planet.

Instead there were an uncountable number of moons and tens of thousands of suns that were in geosynchronous orbit around it. There were even vast amounts of meteors and asteroids forming 2 distinct asteroid belts, the 2nd belt orbiting farther away at a perpendicular orbit to the 1st. This created a cross pattern if the world was seen from afar.

The moons and the suns were not all orbiting around the equator, rather they orbited at even spaces across its longitude. Each orbital lobe had numerous suns at intervals that brought day and night to its surface. The suns that were orbiting either at the equator or near it, took up to 20 years to complete an orbit.

Even more intriguing is that each sun had its own solar system parallel to the main planet, the solar systems even had habitable planets.

By looking at the planet in its entirety, the tens of thousands of suns looked too close to this world, however it still took at 8 – 12 minutes for light to reach its surface. The difference in time for the sun rays to reach created special regions as well as unique climate and weather systems.

Long continued observing the spectacular marvel that is this new world.

This world had oceans that dwarf even the largest solar system spread across its skies. Land masses were so huge that it defined logic, these stretched across the surface of the world.

The soil was covered with vegetation with an unthinkable number of species. Even the polar caps was rich in vegetation that grew in vast multitudes. There was hardly any spot of this new world that was devoid of vegetation, vegetation that numbered in the billions of species. Even the oceans, deserts, swamps, tundra and many other harsh environments had their own special species which could bear the extreme environments.

From that point in time and in another 10-20 million years, creatures of all sorts began to slowly appear and covered the oceans, the land and the skies. Mythical creatures with enormous Qi begun living in this world, but had little interactions with others and only kept to their species. In another 5 million years, humanoid beings started to appear within this new world. They were primitive, but they had the ability to cultivate Qi.

Long was really amazed. He was only a few thousand years old before becoming a soul-deity, but his race was considered an ancient race, with a history spanning over a billion years, and there was no record of any planet achieving what this new world had.

Even in the billion years that he was observing, there wasn’t anything that was close to this.

As he looked with intrigued he contracted time again, then a million years passed and primitive beings appeared. These primitive beings started to spread across the lands, and the beginnings of various civilizations had begun to take root.

Within a few thousand years, huge empires were born, even some of the solar systems orbiting outside this world had been colonized. Before reaching 80 thousand years into their history, their technology, culture as well as gigacities has advanced and since surpassed Long’s old world.

However Long was not satisfied, the beings here were in his opinion thrash, as even within a hundred thousand years, not one of them had properly cultivated their Qi to his satisfaction. One could say he was a perfectionist.

Every person wanted to enter their own paradise, each have their own personal version of it. Long wanted a world better than his old one, a new world that exceeded its beauty and magnificence at its peak. He want everything to be perfect in this new world.

As Long still refused to be reborn into this world, he notice time immediately begun to slow down, he could not contract time anymore, and years no longer flew pass.

Gradually it reached a point where time was again normal for him. Right at this moment, Long felt a distinct awareness, and he somehow knew it was the Creator. No words were conveyed, but he clearly comprehend he needed to move on.

Only after a while he had an epiphany, perhaps things does need to be what he wanted, but what he needed.

Upon realizing this, he was no longer bound to that single spot he was throughout the aeons. Immediately he was on the surface of this new world. Thus he began roaming it.

After centuries of wondering, eventually something caught his eyes, in an oasis on one of the colonies, there was a couple that looked exactly like his parents.

The male was a well built and fit man in his 8th decade, he had a decent height of over 7 and a half feet. The women who seems ageless was nearly 7 feet and she had skin as white as snow and an oval face with tear drop eyes.

The male is the chieftain and blacksmith in this oasis of one of the colonies. The colony itself was not a small world, in fact it was the size of Long’s old world. However as this new world was a million times the size of his old world, the colony was only a dot when compared to it.

Long could be reincarnated into any family he chose, ones befitting of his past legacy as Emperor and ruler of the Dragon clan. He could be the Imperial Crown Price of the largest empire on this new world, but all these were meaningless now to him.

It doesn’t matter if they were small town folks, or even if they were poor, the thing that mattered is that they were exactly like his parents.

Their striking resemblance to the parents he loved so dearly was too much of a coincidence to ignore.

His parents were the main benefactors to his prowess and strength. The parents that loved him and provided all he needed, parents he swore he would protect, parents he lost too soon and too early in his life.

The Dragon clan was close to annihilation when he was not even a thousand years old and his parents passed on their own Qi to strengthen him, eventually dying before they could see their son crush their enemies and brought back the glory of the Dragon Clan.

He could never forget them, and seeing the couple, it brought back a flood of emotions and feelings.

Long instinctively knew they were not his actual parent, however his heart could not overcome the emotions that were rising up. He did not want to base his choice to reborn on a fluke of the universe.

It was not until the couple had move somewhat over 100 years old that Long finally realize that it was either now or never.



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