Rant of the day!

They day started awesomely incredible, when the lights went out at 6 in the morning.

The heat only started becoming unbearable 30 mins later, as the morning Sun baked the walls of my apartment and curtains.

By 7 am, I was drenched in perspiration, and hopped into the shower to cool down. The water was shockingly cold and refreshing.

Abracadabra! Light back on at 8:30 am, Yippee!!

Started editing, proofreading and re writing Volume 2 Chapter 12, and guess what?

Yup halfway through, black out!! Right in the middle of my train of thoughts.

It lasted for 3 hours and VIOLA!! Back on again.

Desperately trying to remember where I left off, I immediately started off again.

Not a mere 10 minutes later, blink!! No more power yet another time!!

This time I totally forgot what was in my train of thoughts, and by the time it came back on a mere hour later, I was basically staring at my Chapter, mind totally blank!

But rest assured my readers, it will definitely be out tomorrow!!


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