Rant of the day!

Hello readers!!

Okay today is going to be about what some of you have voiced out.

There have been a few complains about endless pop-ups. 😦

I mentioned before I am not the most technical person, and it took me a while to figure out how to remove the settings in the customization page.

Moreover, there have been some comments in reddit and other forums, comparing this blog to “streaming g websites” or the popular “never-ending pop-ups”.

Firstly, you are entitled to your comments, however I do need to state that those comments are an exaggeration. It is not endless, it is in no way minutely close to the pop-ups those free streaming sites have.

If you mention about full screen ads or the middle ad in context, then it wouldn’t be so bad. Pop-ups are the devil to many web surfers 😀

Thus by including those comments, no body will be interested in reading this free novel.

Secondly, Infolinks is a reputable Ad company and ranked 3,000+ on the alexa ranks.

They are used by Yahoo, Forbes, Facebook and other top 100 companies in the world. You can check this out easily on the web.

While not nearly close to the giant that is Google Adsense, it’s one of the top favorites as an alternative. This is because Adsense has a very strict regime, not only to apply, but also to maintain.

Due to the fact I am not writing this from the US or some 1st World nation, Adsense have not qualified this blog. I do not even need to submit an application, as blogspot have a Adsense application option, that is grayed out.

From what I understand, since I am blogging this out of Myanmar, the application needs a 6 months period to qualify – I know right, this totally sucks.

On the other hand, many sites and blogs have been barred from Adsense, due to the reason of invalid clicks. How it is measured or what exactly qualifies as an invalid click, no one knows for sure, as Google does not give more information on this.

They said something along the lines of, “If we let you know, then people will find a loophole, etc”.

Perhaps it is justifiable, but not for their previous customers who have hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars in their accounts. You can search this on the web, there are just too many case studies.

So in summary, I am just providing information that Infolinks is not some sleazy malware/adware/virus pop-up-like-crazy Ad company.

It is also to point the harm that can be caused to this free novel/blog, by comments that may seem harmless.

At the end of the day help keep this a free novel by reading and sharing it !!! 😀



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2 thoughts on “Rant of the day!

  1. exqalph03

    Well, I don’t really think that there’s that much of adds in the site… Quite a little If I’ll say, lol. It’s quite amusing too, in some ways, kukuku…~!

    Go for it~!

    Liked by 1 person

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