Its a 3AM release!!

Heyo readers!!

Yes the latest chapter is Out!!!

Check it out in the Table of Content.

While theoretically it is not Friday now here, its 3am GMT +6.5, it still is Friday somewhere in the world 😛

I burned the midnight oil just to bring this to ya’ll 😛

I just hope I have enough sleep and no last minute work related meetings during the weekend, it may be a new and awesome job, but still ….

Enjoy and Cheerios!!

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Work all day and all night

Today’s Chapter will be release either very late or very early tomorrow morning GMT +6.5 or on Saturday.

I have been very busy since the last release on Wednesday and haven’t even started reviewing and editing the next chapter.

As of now 8:32pm, I am off to meet a client. This new job is busy, but in all honesty keeping the bills paid in a more fun way :D.

Do check back or subscribe to catch the latest news and information for the latest release.

EEPS this means a 2 more releases in a little more than 48 hours!! Argh, life is short!!! 😀


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Official Schedule for October/November 2015

Hello readers!!!

This will be an estimate schedule for the month of October and up to middle of November 2015.

Just got a new job, and it may be vary, but I should have not much problems releasing 3 Chapters a week.

If due to any unforeseen circumstances I am not able to, I will post on this blog. Be it the reason of health or real life workload.

In the meantime, the tentative release days are Tuesday or Wednesdays, Friday and Sundays.

Which means if I can’t release a chapter on Tuesday, I will do so on Wednesday.

Anyways have a great week and good day!!


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