New Chapter is out!

Heylo my fellow readers!!

Volume 2 Chapter 10 is out!!

Catch the latest chapter today, fresh from oven and piping hot!

Is that a donut in the picture you ask? Nope its from Lord of the Rings and it has a little something to do with today’s chapter 😀

Anyway no spoilers 😀

Cheerios and enjoy reading

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2 thoughts on “New Chapter is out!

    1. Hello, that should not be happening, I have tested it on my laptop, desktop and mobile.

      The only time you should see it, is when you enter the page, showing a Facebook or Yahoo or similar ads.

      Other than that, there is one more appearing from the bottom.

      There should not be any others appearing, can you please send me an a screenshot? my email is

      I will lodge a complain to infolinks.

      Thank you for the comment.


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