Re-writing Chapters

Chapters 1 onwards will be rewritten from today.

I re-read the chapters and made some adjustment.

Phew, taking a break from daily releases does give one a better sense of perspective. Thanks to all the internet gurus/writer’s advises 😀

Not the same as translating a novel, it can be tougher to put together words to form a paragraph/sentence and putting paragraphs to form a chapter, and chapters to form a novel, and finally novels to form a series.

Every day that I write and publish, is adding to the already massive respect I have for other authors.

I encourage everyone to take up a pen or pencil, or keyboard/keypad 😛 to start today.

Then after a while, read back and adjust where necessary. It is actually very fun!!

Try it, you may actually be amazed.

Don’t take my word for it, I am but a noob writer 😀 take it from all other writers who are giving the same advice 😀



p.s. Novel translation can be tough if using GT/BT and trying to put sense to the weird sentence structures.

However if you are a native speaker of the language to be translated, it is so much easier. I read and write Chinese, and I find reading original Chinese novels better than the translated ones.

But that’s a matter of opinion.


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