May be planning a shift


I will be busy the next few days with whatever life I have 😦

It is getting really hectic with the constant power outages, and I need to look for bread and butter 😀

Its been a very busy past month releasing 1 chapter every day 😀 but boy was it lovely.

I will try to release at least 3 chapters a week when I can, instead of once every day, as rushing to put out chapters after the power come back on is taking a huge toll.

I am an expat living in Myanmar,  Although it has improved by leaps and bounds, compared to when I was here since 2000, power cuts still happen frequently.

In the meantime, I am looking to shift the whole blog to, as it is looking more appealing by the minute.

Who doesn’t want a Google subsidiary that provides Google Adsense at no cost whatsoever. Mahahahah!!!

I will still update WordPress for my dear readers and followers here, but most of the stuff will be exported over there.

In the meantime enjoy your day!!! Cheerios!!



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