Chapter announcement of the third kind :D

*dun dun … dun dun … dun dun … dun dun dun dun!!!!*~Jaws

Hey READERS!!! WADDUP!!!! V2 C7 is out!! But wait, read on …..

Ok today’s chapter announcement is going to be pretty long, I hope you are not feeling sleepy. You have to read this for the link 😛 (joking its on the TOC, but please read this post)

This is gonna to be a post about $$$$ (relevant information for bloggers as well)

*money money money money moneyyy!* ~ The O’Jays

Ok in today’s Chapter release, there will be an additional link for people who want to support, but can’t because Paypal doesn’t work for them.

Before you switch your mind off, please hear me out.

On the link, and depending on your country, there can be up to 4 options/offer types-tabs on the screen. This must be fulfilled before the chapter is unlocked. As for the type of offers you want to see, these includes but is not limited to:-

  1. Surveys ~ Everyone hates them
  2. Downloads ~ Everyone and their families hates them
  3. Mobile ~ Everyone loves them, cause you can claim you are busy when someone you don’t like talks to you, and you have to answer a marketers call 😀 Or you can take out your daily frustrations on the marketer 😀 😀
  4. Trials ~ My mum and everyone’s mum love these, means more freebies!!!

Now, I want to go a little into some maths. Please bear with me a while longer, it will explain somethings later on.

I have about 28,000 views to date or about 800-1000 a day. I am not getting advertisement revenue, even though WordPress is advertising on my blog, since I am not a premium member.

They want $18 annually for domain, and $99 for basic plan. So I said dream on.


Well, 28,000 view, lets say over 60% is ad-blocked, makes that roughly 11,200 ad impressions. (I have noticed this even for and

Not all my audiences are from US or countries which WordAds pays well for 1,000 views (CPM). Lets say its about US$0.30 per 1,000 view on average for my site.

Its actually a high figure for my site, like I mentioned in the earlier paragraph, there are many readers not from countries which pays the best ad revenues.

This makes it $3.36 per month per advert, per page.

Yes, some will say they have 3 ads posted on every page, but not many actually scrolls all the way to the bottom. Hence 2 adverts are mostly seen.

Therefore multiply that by 2 = $6.72 per month. 12 months makes it $80.64.

Of course if there is month on month growth in readers, it will cover the cost of the $18+$99 per annum of the domain and basic plan. Else it won’t be enough.

Buuuuuuut, here is the catch, you have no other choices to host other advertisements. To do that, you need their higher grade plan, which is their VIP plan.

I have no idea what a VIP plan is, since the only other plan I can see, is the business plan on, and that is a whopping $299 per annum.

Which means with my site, I need at least 88,506 monthly views that are not ad-blocked, meaning roughly about 200,000+ total views. It would almost be like 7-ish to 8-ish times my current site hits per month in total

Okay now back to my reasoning on hosting other ads part.

Google Adsense on the other hand pays much better, but isn’t allowed here except the prior mentioned VIP bloggers. (I googled this, and it said only for the so called VIP-ers)

Moreover, WordAds messes with the layout of the themes, unless you have the Business plan, whereby you can place them where you want.

I for one would not want to put an ad on the footer of my blog. Everything will be on top, since its where all the stuff are seen right at the start.

Now back to my special link – By supporting on that link I am posting, they offer from US$0.40 up to US$5.00 per completed form, installation, mobile, survey, and etc.

Some of these amounts are definitely more than 1 whole week’s worth of views from WordAds, Google Adsense and other ads that generate revenue per impression.

But I digress, and insist that my novel stays free (unless someone offers a deal of a life time 😀 ), and I will still write it regardless of whether I earn.

However I do like to go into full time blogging/writing, but that is just a pipe dream.

Then there is a saying ~ everything starts small or somewhere.

And cause you never know until you tried.

So I am now trying, by kindly asking for all readers to just try out this link. It really does give more support to the novel than any other ad revenue generator 😀

Volume 2 Chapter 7: This is what life is ~ Special support the novel link

Or you can click all the links and links every day 😀 mahahahaha!! (I kid you, but you are welcome to do it 😀 )




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