A gooooood day folks!

Okie lights went out since a little before 9am UTC +6.5, but thats not what this post is mainly about.

Thanks to everyone for the polls … all 20+ of you 😀 … 10% are like its the devil!!

While the rest are … ok whats the problem no issue here since its 100% free.

The polls are like 12 hours old now and i can see the general direction it is heading.

So Volume 1 will be link free. While all subsequent and current chapters of Volume 2 will be linked.

Once Volume 2 is done, and Volume 3 comes out, it will be unlinked. So that only Volume 3 is linked.

The above will be applied for future Volumes and links.

HOWEVER, Downloads of the epub & pdf chapters of the novel is still linked to & It will be like this from now onwards.

In the meantime, no electricity and I did not have my morning shower. This is making me cranky, and typing this on the world’s tiniest keypad of my mobile ain’t helping it.

DANG power supply ! I wanna release a chapter today! 😦

Being in the dark ages is no fun 😦




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