Looking a little like a panda

Gooooddd Day to all you fantastic people, greetings from your friendly neighborhood panda. 😛

Yes I have become a panda from the lack of sleep 😦

I am really sorry to say, I will be taking a break for today and maybe tomorrow.

I am doing some stuff like making epub/pdf formats for the earlier chapters.

Sorry for ibook owners, something about apple asking for royalties,which is why I am not using yet, till I find some other way. 😦

On top of that, my brain is simply not working today, as a result of burning the midnight oil last night.

Anyways look forward to offline copies of the chapters 😀

On top of this, the entire Volume 1 will be epub or pdf as well, and downloadable from sharecash.org which requires a survey 😀

Other links will just be a few second wait.

In the meantime CHEERIOS! and enjoy your day.



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