Guess what ? V2 Ch 5 baby!!

*music blasting in the background*

*trying desperately to keep awake*

*what is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more*

hmm hmm hmm hmm *humming in tune like the total idiot I am*

Oh hey ya’ll a very KOMBAWA (as you guess, it evening in Japanese!! ~ if you didn’t, watch more Anime 😀 wakakaka)

I am now awake at 1:24 am my local time, 2:54 am Singapore time, and maybe earlier in the morning elsewhere in the world.

Yes ! Volume 2 Chapter FIVE is YEEEEEE OUT!!!

Check out the TOC here!!

What has happened today is really unfortunate.

An electrical transformer apparently blew up somewhere in my neighborhood, and they duct taped another solution, redirecting power to my area. It is not permanent.

Hence there will be another power outage tomorrow that will be just as long, for them to super glue it back. However nothing is permanently fixed, till they get a new electrical transformer to replaced the one that is BBQ-ed.

I am actually living in what some people considered 3rd World (sorry for not being politically correct, but hey this was the word that came to mind 😛 )

Hence it is with much regret I am informing you that Chapter releases will be affected for the next few days.

My sincere apologies for it in advance, and I hope ya’ll continue to stay tune and bear with it, while it gets fixed.

In the meantime, please enjoy the Chapter.

Please support by donating (so I can move elsewhere to work, I am not a native to this country 😀 ) sharing or liking the facebook page 😀

Cheerios and good night!!


p.s. Sorry to my Royal Road readers, I am too smashed out of my mind that I can crash, will update tomorrow 😀


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