Vol 2 Chapter 4 is out

Heyo !!

Volume 2 Chapter 4 is out!

Click here for the TOC

A bad news for you all, I may be linking certain things like the TOC and new chapters to blogger.com, as it is the only free site that incorporates Google adsense for free. I already have an account there since 2009 😀 but did not use it.

WordPress wants you to pay for putting ads which IMHO sux. Hence to me blogger is a perfect solution for keeping this novel free.

But I need sufficient site traffic before they allow me to activate adsense. So that’s the reason to gain more site hits there currently.

It will be a confusing shift for me as I am not a very technical person, and it may require me a couple of days to do so.

I am already having some tough time putting up chapters on Royal Road 😦

So please bear with me if I do not have a new chapter on any given day during the next week or so. It is not immediate, as I am doing some research on feasibility.

I will keep you all updated in the meantime if it happens.


Cheerios and enjoy the chapter 😀



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