Black out galore!!

Black out here and a black out there,
Black out black out everywhere.
Oh nooooo! oh nooo! nooo!
(Sung in the tune of old macdonald had a farm)

Hello mina (jap for everyone i think) 😀

The black outs are killing me, it has been three times now that I have been editing and rewritting the next chapter when the lights went out!!! ARGGGHHHH!

That is three times my train of thoughts had been abruptly interrupted!

And those worse part is …….. yes … I may not be able to rush the chapter out by midnight today my local time.

The lights are still out as I am writing this on the world’s tiniest keypad of my phone 😦

Pray for it to be on !!

Cause there are times power can go out for days in this country 😦

End of Rant


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