Random Rants

So its a Tuesday, HURRAY! the blues are over (well for those of us in the positive UTC timezones)

Allow me to introduce my little friend from FFXIV – Final Fantasy 14 😀

And yes me hearties, its a MMORPG, the love of my life 😀

The cutest of the cutest Tank character/race in the game. Nothing comes close 😛 it’s me !!


Image Screenshot courtesy of FFXIV © Square Enix 2010-2015, all rights reserved.
Image contains the actual character I am playing, but due credit is given to the game owners.

Oh by the way, I am thinking of making an Ebook or similar for the compendium, still trying to put it together and perhaps offer it for $0.99. I am trying to make it as comprehensive as possible without spoilers.

You can put it on your android, iphone, tablet, etc to make reading the world of Yuan Zhong much more enjoyable.

There will be pictures, maps (hopefully) and perhaps others. But this has yet to be set in stone.

When the time comes, support for this Ebook Compendium is much appreciated and it can go a long way to support my novel as well 😀

The plan is to use the sales and donations if any (none so far 😦 ) to get a web host for my novel.

With a web host, I can get set up advertisements with google or other credible and safe ad companies. This will generate income to support the novel.

And guess what? We have passed the 10,000 mark on site hits! It would not have happened without you!


My one aim! Keep it free forever (unless someone comes along and offers me something I cannot refuse 😀 )




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