Random Rants 1

Its lunch time!! Yeah!! Oh Yeah!! Hell Yeah!! 👿

Just filled my tummy with food .. GLORIOUS food! 😀

So pigging out at my favorite place I was browsing my FB app, and guess what?

My friend from Singapore found something interesting in his bowl of Laksa (coconut curry) noodles:-


He got an extra condiment to the dish 😀 😀 😀

Well its not obvious, but he swore it is what we all would think it is ! (ha! I did that on purpose, I swear!! Really!!! not kidding!!! erm actually not 😛  ) 

What was worst was he had clean it from the Laksa juices nicely before spitting it out (hence no hairs)

Ah brings back memories of Man-In-Black II 😀 😀 😀

Enjoy your meal 😛 Bwahahahhahahaha!!!


p.s. I know it looks like nothing, but the culprit is on the bottom right of the picture!!


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