Chapter 17 has been released!

Yoooohoo, helloooo

Yesh its me once again, no random rants today, as life is a little hectic trying to convince people I do not skive 😛

ANW <– ANyWays 😀

Chapter 17 is OUT! Yes my avid readers its earlier than usual.

Thats cause I need to go grab dinner after not eating the whole day. So I just chucked a bunch of nonsense and made it seem like chapter 17 😛 (NOT!!!)

Chapter 17: What real power is

Direct link is above :D, I will go grub and update the TOC later (in a few hours time, I am HANGRY!!! = hungry + angry, cause a hungry man is an angry man 😀  )

Cheerios and Enjoy Reading!!!

p.s. I did my best, but have not read through it another time, so there may be some errors, will edit once I am back. Hunger out … erm I miss peace out!


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