Random Rants

WARNING! (red light flashing, loud alarms blaring,  everyone running around like crazy 😛 )

>>Today’s rant is going to be a little weird, longer than usual, might change your life, set your mind in motion, set you in a deep thought that you can never recover from 😛 and et cetera.<<

Ooops forgot my greetings!! Good morning, afternoon and evening to where ever you are! Guten morgen, Guten tag, Guten abend! 早安,下午好,晚上好!

(add your language here) 😀

Sooo, as usual I was skiving at work (shh don’t tell anyone) 👿

Then I thought what better ways then to read some stuff 😀 😀

Have you ever noticed the “this is a work of pure fiction …” and “the characters depicted in this work is purely fictitious and derived purely from the author’s imagination …” on the forewords or author’s note, etc.

Ok hear me out before you exit this screen 😛

Readers know fiction means the book’s content is invented and imaginary.

Then some publishers adds the “Pure” word in front. It roughly means – not mixed with.

So when you add the two together, you are suppose to have a book that has never ever been written or read before ! Abracadabra!!! 😀

Alas they lied, it was not pure, they used so many already imagined and invented terms . They have the bollocks to say its Pure Fiction. 😛

Don’t believe me, try googling foreword or author’s notes with those terms, and read their books. Just remember they must never use something that is true to this world or something someone already invented or imagined.

This includes but is not limited to the air we breathe, star, moon, sun, and an infinite amount of others.

CHEERIOS!!! and enjoy the brain exercise …. muahahhahahahahah 😀 😛


p.s. Phew I did not use “Pure” in my Author’s note, else I would need a deep hole to bury myself in 😛 😀


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