Random Rants

Ok so here I am at my day slavery trying to think of ways to live 😦

Then I popped open facebook, to see my pal and his awesome new wife posted something related to these:-

10363895_10152470893606224_236386225697532721_n 10364146_10152470893626224_7058178985564321607_n

Yes that’s the most terrible thing to have happened in my 5 days lifespan (regards to this blog)

Wisconsin, somewhere near Plymouth I think – place of the crime.

It forever left a wanting in my soul I can never forget!!! It became an obsession, like the lingering smell of a women so stunning you can never love another … OH ICE CREAM … how I love thee … OH ICE CREAM … how my heart yearns for thee … OH ICE CREAM … you died too terribly … in my tummy 😀 😀

The nitemares still persist 😥 😥


*p.s. To Mr Jacob J Cantleberry and Mrs Marcie (JJ) Cantleberry , you guys are missed


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