Chapter 21 live

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Its a Monday and I am finally able to create a new toon on FFXIV Elemental – Garuda server!!! woohooo!!!

Ok thats besides the point.

Anyways as Chapter 21 is out! click here for the Table of Content.

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Going to cook myself some yummy curry 😛

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Chapter 20 is now out

Hey people!

Hows the weekend? Mine is ending in a few hours! noooo! 😦

Anyway, latest Chapter 10×2 is out! freshly squeeze juice!! mmm nom nom for the brains!

Its in the TOC link below

Table of Content

Cheerios and Enjoy reading!

p.s. there are no automated Text whatever system or nanobot or take over brain or world domination, pfft. Wait …is there?

Chapter 19 is released


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Please kindly refer to the table of content, located in the link below.

Table of Content

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We only seek to make him into our vessel so we can gain world domination.

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Chapter 18 released

Wazzzaaaapp!!! Can’t you feel the excitement? (well perhaps not now, but after ya read the chapter 😀 ) bwahahaha




Hola amigos !

Chapter 18 is not live – ITS ALIVE!!!! 😀 😀

Get the super duper hot beyond plasma hot direct link here (hear ye hear ye read all about it 😛 )

Chapter 18: Disciple

All links in blog has been update, Enjoy the eye feast 😀

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Randon Rant 2

Heyo, ok I got a spare quota for random rants today thanks to yesterday 😀 here goes!!


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If you have noticed this notice that is not worth you noticing this notice is not worth your notice,

Please notify the owners of the notice that you have noticed that is not worth you noticing it was not worth your notice.

Thank you for noticing this notice although it was not worth you noticing that it wasn’t worth you noticing it!

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Random Rants 1

Its lunch time!! Yeah!! Oh Yeah!! Hell Yeah!! 👿

Just filled my tummy with food .. GLORIOUS food! 😀

So pigging out at my favorite place I was browsing my FB app, and guess what?

My friend from Singapore found something interesting in his bowl of Laksa (coconut curry) noodles:-


He got an extra condiment to the dish 😀 😀 😀

Well its not obvious, but he swore it is what we all would think it is ! (ha! I did that on purpose, I swear!! Really!!! not kidding!!! erm actually not 😛  ) 

What was worst was he had clean it from the Laksa juices nicely before spitting it out (hence no hairs)

Ah brings back memories of Man-In-Black II 😀 😀 😀

Enjoy your meal 😛 Bwahahahhahahaha!!!


p.s. I know it looks like nothing, but the culprit is on the bottom right of the picture!!

Chapter 17 has been released!

Yoooohoo, helloooo

Yesh its me once again, no random rants today, as life is a little hectic trying to convince people I do not skive 😛

ANW <– ANyWays 😀

Chapter 17 is OUT! Yes my avid readers its earlier than usual.

Thats cause I need to go grab dinner after not eating the whole day. So I just chucked a bunch of nonsense and made it seem like chapter 17 😛 (NOT!!!)

Chapter 17: What real power is

Direct link is above :D, I will go grub and update the TOC later (in a few hours time, I am HANGRY!!! = hungry + angry, cause a hungry man is an angry man 😀  )

Cheerios and Enjoy Reading!!!

p.s. I did my best, but have not read through it another time, so there may be some errors, will edit once I am back. Hunger out … erm I miss peace out!